a bit about me

I started this blog as an outlet but it has evolved to a place where I hope to inspire by sharing the things I'm learning in life. And so, while the posts will be quite a variety, what will remain consistent is the bold expression of a vulnerability and hope being fresh-pressed from a heart under the constant weight of grace. 

I'm a woman who does the best she can and makes mistakes along the way. 

I'll buy anything in the shape of an elephant, turtle or owl.

I laugh, cry, pray and swear... often all in the same day. 

I love the smell of line-dried clothes, jasmine incense, grandma's kitchen, fresh baked banana bread, Fall, mulled wine...

I want to be and make and eat everything, all of the time. 

I watch the Smurfs on youtube sometimes.

I have a deep appreciation for the words of Jim Morrison.

I can give a thumbs up with my big toe.

I am a sucker for a bag of salt and vinegar chips.

I. Love. Seinfeld.

I have a tattoo that I regret

I drink too much coffee and hug a little too hard. 

More identifying and defining than anything,

I am a sinner, 
I have a past, 
and because of God's grace, 
I am forgiven
and I have a future.

I'm loud. I'm messy. I'm redeemed

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