the resolution plan

resolutions should be reasonable, doable and motivating.

they should better you once implemented,

and never be fully complete.

each day, then, i resolve to continuously grow--using these 5 gamechangers.


Clean up my 'friend' list
Everyone has a group of people that they interact with in social media.  Whether good or bad, our thoughts are collected upon whichever platform it may be and we are exposed to and influenced by one another.  So I resolve to continually sift through and remove the bad influences, negativity, underlining drama and ulterior motives.  I resolve to break the transmission of hurtful words and suggestive comments in attempt to purify my news feed.  I resolve to maintain contact with those that I can benefit from and those with whom I may have something to share.


Replace that space with great influence
Whether you subscribe to blogs, a magazine, a new podcast or buy books, get your mind saturated with that which you wish to accomplish.  There are millions of media sources devoted to sharing information that encompasses every craft, opinion and movement that exists.  The hard part, (or may I say, the fun part) will be finding the group of people that have precisely what you are interested in.  

Right now I subscribe to dozens of blogs and follow hundreds of people, and I get something from them all.  A few of my favorites are Waiting With JoyNathalie Hope and The Influence Network.

Bible Studies are also essential.

At any given time I have a bible study going.  It helps get me back on track when I slip.  It helps keep me in the Word.  It helps to keep me focused on who I want to be.  Two of my favorites are Esther, by Beth Moore and Jonah by Priscilla Shirer.  


Give this new influence at least 30 minutes per day
If you drop 30 wasteful minutes and replace it with 30 inspirational minutes, you have given yourself a solid week plus 12 hours of amazing and overwhelming positive influence by the end of a calendar year.  Imagine saturating yourself in exactly what you love and believe in for nearly 11,000 minutes.  Imagine the power you would feel if you gave yourself the time to really dig into your heart and express yourself.  This small 30 minute creativity break will give you that power.

Use this influence wisely.  
When you get an idea, or you find a topic to dwell on, ACT on it.  It must be brought to fruition or it will sit in the back of your mind, eventually becoming the topic following the ever-so-popular "I have always wanted to..." statement.  We have enough of those; let's make them real each day.

It does not need to be executed perfectly, or even close.  It just needs to be acted upon.  Many authors, pastors and creative writers out there have one major thing in common when it comes to ideas and execution:

No great idea remains a great idea if it is not made real.  

Embrace whatever it is you love and wish to do, and do not underestimate its power  

Do something everyday.

View my personal health and happiness as 
THE ULTIMATE beauty and fashion trend. 
Have you noticed who we regard as the most influential people these days?  Have you really looked at who you favor?  Have you sat back and really looked at who you are striving to emulate in your daily living.  

I have, and I do not like it.  

I find myself struggling to follow God as I try to please people who follow money, success, and their own personal idea of what love and respect really means.  I find myself insecure for not living up to their standards.  I find myself being a fake person in their presence, all in order to uphold a decorum that they have set as supreme.  In our world, we are swayed by the cover of magazines, made jealous of our friends on Facebook and brought to mental sin on a daily basis.  It's natural to see what society tells us we should be and then measure ourselves up; often falling short.  This does not create happiness.  

Learn to love yourself for who you are and what you were created to be.  Do not sell yourself short by trying to live up to someone else's demands of you.

And so, I resolve to constantly strive to be truly beautiful and grow my heart.  Naturally, my outside appearance and actions will change once this is accomplished.  Perhaps we lose our resolutions so soon because we are trying to change on the outside, when what really needs a change is our heart.  With positive influence and great inspiration, you can live your everyday as precisely who you want to be, and do so for the greatest good.  

Peace.  Creativity.  Action.

This is what I wish for you all, everyday.  

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