and the broken are loved

I know it's hard to understand faith.

Especially when those who hold it are not living it to the fullest. 

This world is saturated with proud people who strive to earn, and then selfishly hoard an abundance of resources while those in need are left with little. We humans are bitter and angry and jealous, and still live like kings compared to many. We have found a way to justify murder, hate, judgment, exploitation and self-distruction by flowering the reality with logic such as, "you gotta look out for number one."

It's ugly, yes, but the worst thing we can do is judge the Creator based on the failures of His followers. 

Because the best of His children are still works in progress. The worst of His children, forgiven. 

And as incomprehensible as the Lord's ways are, denying His Presence by looking at the fallen world is like someone saying there are no stars because they've only lived in a cave.

For the world's evil does not disprove the goodness of God, but actually sheds light on the presence of sovereign justice. The topic is heavy, the emotion is high, but the talk is worth it.

Being unaware of the stars is one thing, but refusing to even walk outside to see for yourself is quite another..

If you saw someone in a hurricane trying to keep a small candle lit, you'd think they were crazy.. But wouldn't you wonder why on earth they were struggling to do something so seemingly impossible? 

This same kind of struggle is within every believer. 

The rock of unseen faith and the hard place of the world press onto us from both sides each day, because the battle isn't only between us and the nonbeliever, but between our own worldly hearts and a strong sense of the Spirit. And that Spirit wants us to speak more times than we can find courage to.

So when we have a bit of courage, we engage in the plight of running through rabbit holes to answer tough questions about the Bible, while that is simply putting the cart before the horse. And as a result, we fail to appease the critics -- we fall victim to "atheist jukes", image mashups, and good old fashion direct insults.

But still we try to keep that candle lit. 

Because there was only love before anything else, and if we refuse to see that love, we will always miss the point of everything that followed... whether beautiful or tragic.

Faith in that love was meant to set us apart, not set us against.  It was meant to be work and hope and healing in a state of constant refining.  You see, the Bible never said we'd be perfect upon believing, but that we were commanded to strive for Him, because He never stops striving for us.  

His children are blessed.  His lost, sought.  And the broken are loved.

"I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. 

In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." 

John 16:33

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