Advent Devotional Week 1 Wrapup

As we reflect on the past week we are reminded of the divine disruption that occurred in Mary’s life.  She learned she was pregnant by the Holy Spirit and exalted the Lord by praising Him in this moment of “disruption”.  Joseph also received a message from the Lord, and was given peace amidst the unknown.  Mary visited Elizabeth, who was also with child, and together they experienced the divine presence of the Lord.  This all happened because they chose to consider the present obstacle a joy!

Life is completely unpredictable, yes, but what we can know is that the Lord is sovereign, just, patient and good.  His ways are perfect.  He will never leave us, nor forsake us.

Did anything happen that left you feeling caught-of-guard, 
but also anxious to see what God was going to do in your life?

 Did you have any deep conversations 
which you felt were truly orchestrated by the Holy Spirit?

At any time, did you choose to “consider it all joy?”

Share what He has done in your life this week!

Take this time of devotion and let it fill you with a hope
that the best is always yet to come, and that you have the Most High King walking with you through each moment of your life.

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