advent devotional day 13, the multitude

Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, 
praising God and saying,
“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men on whom his favor rests."

We are covered in angels all along the way
God spoke first to the shepherds, through His angel.  Then He told them their King would be found in an unlikely place; swaddled in a manger.  Now the shepherds watched as a great company, a multitude, of angels descended into the sky to praise God for His actions.  I found a sweet reminder of God’s love in all of this..
He has an immense desire for us to hear and believe Him.

Yesterday I touched on the fact that the Lord is jealous for us.  
I want to focus on that a bit more today because, I believe the presence of the multitude bolsters that.

There is something about the word “jealous” being in the Bible that is just difficult for most people to accept.  We read the word with a human mind, and so, we read it with a negative connotation.  In the scriptures where the Lord Himself is using it, however, He is using it with love.  When God speaks of His jealousy, He is referring to His feelings towards us trusting in anything but Him.  He commands us to love only Him, and trust only Him.  He warns us of the consequences of doing otherwise, something often labeled “idol worship,” and then reminds us that He is a jealous God.
He wants us to lean on the only God that can truly save us; Him.

I believe that each day of our lives we are among acting and benevolent angels because we are in the presence of a jealous God.  Look at the way the multitude appeared to the shepherds:  after the Lord appeared to them, and told them where to go, He provided a “great company” of angels to further proclaim His majesty and affirm the blessings given to those whom He favors.  Throughout the Bible, angels are always mentioned in the context of supporting the word of the Lord.  They attracted people and got them to really listen to His messages.

It’s actually a dance we are quite familiar with here on earth.
For lack of a better example, imagine a jealous person in a relationship.  When feeling threatened, that person may prance around or put on a show to grasp the other’s attention.  We should strive to know that, just like this jealous person, our God wants us to see Him in those moments where we may be likely to stray, because:

  1. Just like the shepherds, we may feel scared when a great plan is set before us and we may worship our fear.
  2. Just like the first children of God, we may feel uneasy with waiting on our King and may worship idols of other forms.

God’s jealousy is for us, never of anyone else.  His “show” is holy and His desire for our attention is pure and loving.  We must remember our God’s desire for our very best, and know that we are surrounded by a multitude who’s purpose is to bolster His great plans for us.

He is for us, in the most loving way,
and brings His heavenly host to our level, often.

Which people in your life are a part of your multitude?  

Who keeps you on track, lifts you up, and reminds you that God is for you?

Who speaks to you and sings praise with you?  

Today, take note of each person that is “lighting up the sky” of your plans.  Notice those people, whether friends, family, co-workers or strangers, who make you stop and take a second look.  It could be a person at the grocery store who smiles out of the blue, or a generous driver at a stop sign, waving you on first.  It could be a tender gesture in a tough moment.  It could be a veil removed by someone you least expected.  Whatever the miracle, take it.  God’s messages are just as loud and clear as they were in the first days, we just live in an even louder and more murky world.  It may take some cleansing of our vision, but angels will appear when we open our eyes to the possibility of them.

The world’s jealousy is ugly and painful, but the jealousy of our Heavenly Father will hug your heart and make you whisper sweet praise to Him.  Cling to these moments Ladies, and in doing so, you will discover your multitude!  

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