i am fearfully and wonderfully made, and so are you

November is my birth-month!

(:: cue the confetti ::

and for the  next 30 days 
i will share words of affirmation 
that are rooted in one of my most favorite Psalms, 
Psalm 139. 

while i admittedly miss the younger years' nights of dancing and celebrating, i am blessed by the quiet of coming into my age.  lately it's more about embracing where i'm going, and less about missing where i've been.  

it's an ongoing effort to forge a peace-agreement between my youth and my prime 
(which i'm certain i've yet to see) 

this Psalm has served as a place to discover a God who's insatiably interested in my well-being, but also willing to push me out of the nest in order to see me fly.  it's beautiful to me because it illuminates all facets of my walk and work as a Christian.  there's a little bit of everything: creation, humility, redemption, lament, praise, crying and even a bit of critical analysis of His omniscience.  it's just my kind of God-breathed word.

with that, i want to kick off the series by first sharing the entire Psalm 

(click on a verse to read the devotion for that day)

i wonder if it could be your kind of word, too?

if you'd like to keep up for the next month, feel free to add your email to the box in the margin and each morning i'll share a bit of what this Scripture has spoken to me about not only myself, but God's children everywhere.  

i am fearfully and wonderfully made, and so are you

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