fearfully and wonderfully woven

when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.

yesterday we learned that our entire personal creation was orchestrated by God.  
today we learn how He carried it out.

we were woven

woven in the NIV is translated as "curiously wrought" in the KJV from the word raqam

raqam:  a weaver, embroiderer, to variegate, 

if you have ever witnessed a person weaving or embroidering a tapestry, you can appreciate the depth of these words.  weaving requires the very detailed intertwining of several strands of a fiber.  sometimes there is one layer to a project, and other times there are several, all woven together.  the word "variegate" speaks of diversity within the tapestry, and the changing of colors and details.  

i do not know a word that could better describe the human race. 

and where we were woven, "in the depths of the earth"..

the depths are translated from the Hebrew word tatchi

tatchi:  the depths, the lowest.  a figurative of the dark and hidden interior of the womb

think about this:  we are literally of the earth, since the Lord made us from dust, and if we are women, from the rib of the first man.  we are of the earth, and our wombs are as deep and mysterious as the very bottom of the unseen sea.  there is where the Spirit dwells and with that presence we are curiously wrought into fashion.  i just find this fascinating.

we were created in our own uniqueness, one at a time, specifically orchestrated by a very creative God.  we were made from a similar cloth, but variegated to reflect the individual details we would possess.  just as the most elaborate and rich tapestry you could imagine, we were fearfully and wonderfully woven.  

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