fearfully and wonderfully understood

you perceive my thoughts from afar

this verse gives me a hope that is almost impossible to find in the world; i am understood.

the NIV uses the word perceive but the KJV uses the word "understandest," which was translated from the Hebrew word biyn

biyn: as in distinguish, discern, understand, know, regard

The Lord understands me.  He knows my every move from the moment i wake until the moment i rest, and throughout the day He not only knows my every thought, but He understands them, all.  this heals a pain in me that has been perpetuated by years of feeling lost, mistaken, misinterpreted, and misunderstood.

now, there is no doubt i have fallen short in this life.  i've not only found ways to deplete my own peace and joy, but the peace and joy of those around me.  i have certainly seen how my own actions have the ability to create a ripple of destruction if i am not conscious.  

and even when i am conscious of my actions, and words, i still make mistakes.  i could mean the most well i ever have and still let someone down.  this is where it's tough being a child of God in a human experience.  not everyone knows that i mean good things even though the result is chaos.  not everyone understands that my capacity to love and serve is subject to feelings of selfishness and pride.  not everyone sees that this failure of a worldly girl is striving to be a righteous and Godly woman.

but God does.
He perceives, understands, my thoughts, and He does so from afar.

the Hebrew word for what is translated in the NIV as afar is from "afar off" in the KJV, with "off" being the actual translated word--rachowq

rachowq:  as in far off, abroad, of old space and a great while to come.  

in this definition i see all directions of time and space covered:  far off and away, what is to come, and what was long ago..  it is a word that reminds me of the all-knowing and everywhere-dwelling Presence of the Lord, and His great omniscience.  He knows me inside out, forward and back, in the past and into the future.

when i read this verse i feel comfort in knowing that, something i say or do or feel now may not be understood by a person, but it is understood by God.  i believe He created the mind that conceives my thoughts, and gives me the power to lead those thoughts into loving action.  He knows when i have failed, yes, but He also knows when i will succeed. 

the Lord understands me, and He understands you, too.

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