fearfully and wonderfully surrounded

where can i go from your spirit?

as i have read this Psalm over and over, i have found that this verse seems to kick off a new thought.  after praising God for seeing us and seeking us and knowing us so deeply, all of the sudden there is the question of how we could get away from His Spirit.

why would we ever want to do that?

after much reading and re-reading, this verse, (in my very small comprehension of the Bible), almost sheds light on our natural rebellious tendency.  here's why i think so.

go in the NIV and KJV is translated from the Hebrew word yalak

yalak:  to walk away, carry away, depart, and is sometimes paired with the word again


i don't know if there is a better word to describe rebellion

to walk away, again

to carry away, again

to depart, again

the question of "where can i go" is almost like a white flag.  i picture the Psalmist with arms up and a crooked smirk, feeling humble defeat after all of the times he, yet again, tried to go his own way.  i think of the heart of that cry, and the wonder of it.  i am familiar with it in a way because i am familiar with the amazement that is created when you are both awed by a power and fearful of it.  maybe you are too?

where can we go?  nowhere...

His Spirit is surrounding us at all times and dwelling within us.  it is a part of us, once we have called it to reside there.  the moment we accepted our Savior, bless His blood, we took that Spirit and invited it to cover us like a spider monkey all jacked up on Mountain Dew.     (yes.. i had to go there..)

that is what His love is like.  it's all over us everyday, every second.  it is within us and around us and before us and behind.  it saturates us and guides us with a relentless force.  where can we possibly go from that?  i do not think we contemplate this because we really want to be separate, but rather because the feeling of knowing we are so thoroughly surrounded is a bit pressing, but in the most blessed way.  

the same Spirit that we have tried to shake has never once departed from us.  His Spirit was sent to us with the promise it would stay, and stay it has.  the relationship is never going to be even.. while He effortlessly loves, we will always need to work to abandon our voice and come back to hear His.  

that Spirit fearfully and wonderfully surrounds us.  be blessed by the weight of that today.

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