fearfully and wonderfully stewarded

you are familiar with all my ways

today is yet another example of how words mean everything when we seek to know what message they were intended to convey.  clearly my scripture and revelation are different again, so i won't waste a single second more..

familiar, in this version of Psalm 139:3b, is translated from the word cakan

cakan: to benefit, be of service to, minister to

to bring a bit more clarity, see how this word is found in Isaiah 22:15, translated to steward

The Lord is a steward of all my ways.  He is familiar with my ways in a very active manner.  He not only knows me and sees me, but also understands me and looks after me.  He benefits me, serves me and ministers to me.

when i first began reading this Psalm i took these first three scriptures very literally, which is what we should do with the Bible.  that literal comprehension of the New International Version limited me, however, for those words were meant to translate in order to speak to me in today's language, but they certainly did not wholly convey the eternal message God intended, did they?  that is the part we must take literally.. the original inspired word.  that is where He spoke to us first.  that is the eternal word.  that is where He stewards us.

looking back now, i read these verses with joy, comfort and almost a bit of apprehension.  to know i'm loved that much, and known so well, and sought so fiercely.. it takes me by the heart and takes my very breath at times.  i look back on days where i called the Lord a phony, or said He wasn't kind, and i feel shame and guilt;  but i also feel praise because He gives me so much Grace and loves me still.  it's a powerful thing.  

so He gives me not only the ability to discover His true meaning, but the deeply-rooted desire to.  if i follow that desire, i'll surely be blessed.  for i am fearfully and wonderfully stewarded, and you are too.

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