fearfully and wonderfully sought

You have searched me, Lord, and you know me

I've never known a greater feeling of giddiness or joy than when I knew I was being sought.  To seek something out is to be so consumed by it that you must know where it is, and what it is all about.  To know something is to recognize it, because it is impressed on your heart and burned into your awareness.  

The Lord searched me and He knows me, oh yes.

He searched me while I was lost; while I ran further from Him 
He searched me while I was getting closer, and asking questions
He searched me while I accepted His Son and began trying to understand this thing called faith...

He knew me as I sinned, and still do
He knew me as I began to hear His voice and respond
He knew me as I decided that my heart need not search for any more distractions

He searched for me, like a little lost sheep in a sea of fleece and chaos, 
and He knew me as soon as He saw me

This Psalm speaks life into me by first reminding me that I'm desired by the King of Kings, sought after by Him, and recognized even in my darkest moments.  Just as a mother would never stop trying to find her child, or fail to recognize them even in their most destructive and devastated state...  Certainly, she knows them best by heart.  

There is a peace in knowing that I could never run too far for Him to still try to seek my heart.  There is comfort in knowing that, even if I could ever forget Him, He would still know me.  Everyday my Lord searches me and knows me, and He searches and knows you, too.

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