fearfully and wonderfully seized

even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast

even there.. on the wings of the morning, the far side of the sea, and the depths of darkness, He holds us with His mighty right hand.  

in case you haven't noticed, i love looking at the Hebrew and Greek words that the more recent Bibles have been translated from.  just when i think i don't "get" a scripture, or even when i think i really finally do, the original word pours in and changes everything.   

this verse is no exception.

the Psalmist says "your hand will guide me" and the word hand is translated from yad

yad:  a hand, the open one, indicating power and direction.

makes sense.

but the next part of this verse, 
"your right hand will hold me fast" 
translates hand from a different word, yamiyn

yamiyn:  the right hand or side, the stronger

all through the Bible there is a reference to the right hand of God.  to be at His right side is to be in a position of authority, and a special place of honor.  when i read this scripture it reminds me that, not only does he hold me with His right hand, but that if I stay in line with Him i will naturally always be at His right side.  

and He works to keep us there, ladies.  the words hold me fast in the NIV are from "hold" in the KJV, translated from the Hebrew word 'achaz

'achaz:  to seize, hold in possession

He is holding us, with a fierceness that is meant to not only keep us close to Him, but on the side of Him which denotes authority.  He wants us in the position we were made to be in; near Him.  the past few days of scripture read back to back may sing a little differently now.  remembering what we dwelled on from those days, spend a moment collecting these words in your heart, and hearing the amazing promises embedded in them.

10. even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.

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