fearfully and wonderfully repentant

See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

from day one we have praised and loved a God that we believe knows us very deeply.  we have opened our hearts and minds to His great sovereignty and released control to His plan.  we have done things without knowing the outcome, but have trusted in His goodness.  now is when it all comes full circle.

asking the Lord into our hearts is a major move of submission.  the letting go is difficult but we know the reward is worth it.  in this simple prayer, the Psalmist not only asks the Lord to search His heart for anxious thoughts, but now to see if there are any offensive ways in him.

the word "offensive" is translated from the Hebrew word otseb.

otseb:  idol, pain, hurtful

i believe the correlation is very clear: idol = offensive.  we are commanded to love the Lord our God with all our hearts and all our minds and all our strength.  we are told to have no other gods before Him.  we are told to honor Him first and foremost.  in this passage, we are not just asking the Lord to seek out these moments of idolatry but accepting that we are aware of them and that He will recognize them.

He knows us, more than we can imagine.  He is more aware of our transgressions than even we are.  He sees them coming, knows the resulting devastation, and works to straighten our paths though we do not always cooperate.  He is at work in our every day, and knows our every thought, but the action He delights in is our submission and invitation.

from the beginning of this Psalm all the way through we have praised and feared and grew strong and lay down.  we have experienced just about every emotion possible and received a healing word for it.  now we conclude the Psalm with a simple act of submission.

if we are truly aware of our sinning, and our rebellion and our falling short, then we can truly become fearfully and wonderfully repentant.  if we come to Him with an open heart and a humble stance, we will be able to see His healing in our lives.  

thank you for traveling this journey with me.  i pray the comfort of God's word has filled you and inspired you, and that you read this Psalm with a greater depth than ever before.

fearfully and wonderfully thankful for all of you xo

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