fearfully and wonderfully predestined

all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

the omniscience of God is pretty close to the top of the debate list, if not the top.  omniscience is, in the most few words, knowing everything.  our God created us, saved us, and He most certainly knows us.  

yesterday i dwelled on the verse just before this one:  "your eyes saw my unformed body", reminding myself, (and you!), that i was known of from day zero.  now i remind us that we are known until day zero returns.

again, i'm no bible scholar.  but what i do know, based on what i have learned from those who are scholars, is that God's plan is static, yet still ever-changing.

i'll explain.

the "free will" argument is a mess of a discussion, most times.  many believe "free will" means we make decisions and choose our entire destiny, but i see it meaning something different.  i see it as, the ultimate culmination of our life is known by Him.  our everyday may change, (free will!), but He still knows how it will end.  so as we waltz through life in our own choices, He is continually guiding us back to the middle to reach the end He has prepared.  

i believe this verse tells us that all the days were written in His book with regard to when we would perish and/or what we were made to be.  

so we are certainly predestined to become what God wanted.  we can run off the path here and there, but God always makes good of a bad decision.  it's like a reroute function in a GPS.  it will still fulfill its command to take you to your destination, even if you make a wrong turn.  

all of our days were ordained for us were written long before we drew breath.  

we are fearfully and wonderfully predestined.

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