fearfully and wonderfully orchestrated

My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place

our frames, our very bones and structure, were not hidden from the Lord as He made us.  ladies, we were not a command and then an afterthought.  we didn't just appear after He called our bodies to form.  we did not merely grow by His power but came to life through His highly involved orchestrating.

while we were made in the most deepest and secret place, there He stayed with us and our mothers.  there He dwelled and covered us as we grew and became the very frame of the human we are today.  there His power was present, whether that being was a Christ-follower or not.  His majesty was proclaimed by the very beating of that teeny heart.

i find solace here.  and i find comfort.  

there are days i want to just scream and cry, as i wonder where my Savior is amidst my pain and confusion.  i feel alone and abandoned.  but if i call myself to read this passage, i immediately soften and my tears become sweeter.  

because when i read this passage i remember that, even when i wasn't even in the presence of a circumstance, my Lord was near, orchestrating my every moment.  and in knowing that, why wouldn't He be near, still?

we are fearfully and wonderfully orchestrated, from the beginning, to now and forever.

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