fearfully and wonderfully oblivious

your works are wonderful, i know that full well

i wonder if the post-title made you giggle?  :)

oblivion is really a common thing.  not just with regard to stories and prophets and facts, but with regard to who we are.  

now, i am not attempting to speak for everyone here, but i think i can speak for many when i say that it is often easy for us to call the mountains and seas and nature by beautiful names, but then very difficult to turn the same words back onto ourselves.  we are pretty much oblivious to just how amazing we really are.

but consider this right now, in fresh light:

the same God that called the stars to shine, called your name, first.

the same God that drew water together drew the shape of your heart.

and the same god that separated land, sea and and sky set you apart from anything else.

you, beloved, are the cherry on top. 

you are the final touch, the last thing He made.

you are the one thing that needed to be made in order for Creation to complete.

His works are wonderful, and they include US.  

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