fearfully and wonderfully known

before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely

i am known by the Lord, so well, that i cannot even think of a word to say without Him knowing it.  He is aware of each thought, each inspired moment, and each word before it is spoken out loud.  what kind of God is so powerful that He can know my deepest stirrings?

this verse is similar to my Day 2 Devotion in that it both comforts and convicts.  as overwhelming as it is to think that the Lord knows me this deeply and specifically, it also warms my heart to know that He has the ability to intercede and speak to me about what kind of communication i am engaging in, or planning to.  

do i always listen? no way.

i'm human, i'm stubborn, i'm proud and i know best.  but the Lord is so slow to anger and so quick to give me peace that i do not have to fear His wrath or His condemnation.  i walk in freedom as His chosen princess and for that reason, even the deepest and most ungodly thoughts of self-service, anger, bitterness and judgment are known by Him and covered in His Grace.

before a word is on my tongue you, Lord, know it completely.

this verse also stirs in me the desire to pray more specifically about how i am feeling and what i may be struggling with.  it is painful to think this whole life could be up to me, or that i could be in full control.  if i had to answer to each failure, repair every broken heart, and take blame for every hurt relationship, i'd never be able to do it.  likewise, if i had to speak eloquently and inerrantly all of the time, i would fail before i even prayed "Lord."

as much as we think we can know our God, He knows us a million times more.  if we merely spoke His name in the morning strictly of our own power, we would not do it justice.  you see, the voice in us is powered by God, and interrupted by evil.  the Spirit intercedes to help us know what to say, and how to say it.  we cannot even do the Lord justice with our own voices because of the brokenness in humanity.  but thankfully, He covers our speaking.

before a word is on my tongue the Lord knows it, and covers it.. and He knows and covers yours, too.

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