fearfully and wonderfully kept

you hem me in behind and before, and you lay your hand upon me

i am not a very good sewer.  i have tons (seriously.. tons) of projects in various states of completion.  some are waiting for fabric i cannot afford.  some are waiting for the perfect notions.  some are waiting for just some motivation!

but all are unfinished.

the final part of a garment is the hem.  at least in the manner of apparel-making i'm familiar with.  when you hem something it says "this has been measured twice, cut once, joined and pressed, and it is ready to wear."  hemming is important because it is the final touch that gives the apparel the ability to be put into action, without worry of coming unraveled.  

and this is why i absolutely LOVE the word choice of the NIV in this scripture.

hem in the NIV is translated as "beset" in the KJV from the Hebrew word tsuwr

tsuwr:  to confine, bind, fortify, inclose.  

you hem me in behind and before.

The Lord has not only created us and perfected us, but He has finished us.  granted, we are all a work in progress, but remember; He has already created us in His image.  we are eternal to Him because He knew us long before we were here in flesh.  we are hemmed in by Him.  completely finished and presented to the world.  this is how He sees us.  

and then He lays His hand.. His mighty hand.. upon us.

with the weight of Grace, Mercy, Judgment and Love we are pressed in on all sides and kept by Him, like a precious gift He carries around and cannot wait to unwrap completely.  we are kept by Him for the sake of His Kingdom's plan, and where we fit in.  we are kept by Him for a certain partner, a particular job, a moment such as this, and a calling unique to us.

when this world caves in, and it will if it hasn't already, know you are fortified by a great God who loves you so much that He hems you in behind and before, and then lays His great hand upon you.  that, sister, is a blessed place to be.  

you are kept.

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