fearfully and wonderfully grateful

How precious to me are your thoughts, God!  How vast is the sum of them!

sometimes we just become awed, ecstatic, grateful.

to reach a place in our faith walk where we know that we are sought, loved, created, guided and so many other things, it sometimes brings us right to the floor in full out gratefulness and praise.

The Lord.. THE LORD.. loves us, sees us and knows us.  He wants us and saves us and redeems us.  He beautifies us and builds us.  He is with us.

I cannot go much further into the verse that says it all:  how precious are His thoughts for us:  we who seem so insignificant and lowly.  we who sin each day.  we who fall short. 

and how vast they are:  never-ending.  incomprehensible.  striking.  supernatural.

we are fearfully and wonderfully grateful for His love for us.  oh yes, a precious and mighty love.

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