fearfully and wonderfully glowing

even the darkness will not be dark to you

The Lord is so, so mighty.  if you do not know this, know it today.  He is mighty in all ways, and glorious beyond comprehension.  He has conquered hate, evil, wickedness and strife.  nothing kept Him from living a blameless life and dying the most perfectly sacrificial death.  

even the darkness was not dark to Him.

the word dark in the NIV is translated as "hideth" in the KJV from the word chashak.

chashak:  to be dark, withholding light, be black, cause darkness, to hide

even the darkness cannot withhold the light of the Lord, or hide His love.  the deeper the darkness, the brighter the smallest bit of light.  we glow as children of God.  we are as bright against this dark world as stars against a pitch sky.  even the darkness will not be dark to us.

it is difficult to think this way in the midst of an overwhelming darkness, but remember, the promise was not that we would escape darkness, but that we would overcome it.  and to overcome it, we must face it.  

take this word and keep it deep in your heart today.  know that the same power which leaves the Lord exempt from darkness also resides in us-- it is the very force which created us.  

we are fearfully and wonderfully glowing in this dark world.  alleluia!

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