fearfully and wonderfully exposed

Where can I flee from your presence?

this verse convicts me, so much.  to try to flee from His presence is to try to bolt and run away from His very face.  the face that Isaiah fell before, the face that Moses searched for behind clouds, and the face that illuminated with fire before John on Patmos.  

the face of The Lord, our Lord, is impossible to flee from.  

the word presence is translated from the Hebrew word paniym

paniym:  the face (as the part that turns), before, sight

i feel the Psalmist is using the same helpless "I surrender" voice when he pleads this case to the Lord.  i feel this because i, too, have called out to Him in this way.

when i have felt guilty, sinful, unrighteous and wretched, i simply put hands up and say "where can i possibly go from your presence.. your conviction?"

we are fearfully and wonderfully exposed.  He sees us in every fashion, every limitation, and every vulnerable moment.  His face is in front of us, turned toward us, and it is a vision we cannot shake.  no, we cannot see His face, but we certainly sense that heavy presence.

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