fearfully and wonderfully enlightened

the night will shine like day, for darkness is as light to you.

in this verse are many words that look the same as words in other passages, but have a bit of a different meaning.  like so many devotionals I've read before, this one was usually read over with a quick brush of awareness -- that is, until i really dug into the meaning of some of the key words:  "night", "darkness" and "light" 

the revelation still makes my heartbeat quicken.

yesterdays discussion of dark include the word chashak, which tells of a darkness so dark it can cause things to be hidden, and that's a hiding our Lord is never subject to.  today's word night, at first glance, seems to just repeat the presence of that darkness, but it's a bit different.  as well as the words darkness and light.  

here they all are in a quick translation

night in the NIV and KJV is translated from the Hebrew word layil

layil:  night, a twist (away of the light), adversity, or a night (season)

darkness in this passage is chashekah.. misery

light in this passage is 'owrah... luminousness, prosperity

quick disclosure: i'm no biblical scholar, in case you don't already know.  i'm passionate about learning the Bible, and i fervently seek to know the deep and original meaning of the sacred Word, but i do not try to put it out there like i know it all.  my revelation of this passage was never a confirmed solid word from God, but rather, a comfort that came when i had prayed and prayed, (and prayed, still) through one of the most difficult emotions i had felt up until then.  it was then that i stumbled upon this section of Scripture in fresh redeeming light.  

i'll briefly backtrack so you can sort of walk through the moment with me.

the full passage:
If I say "surely the darkness will hide me and the light will become night around me"
even the darkness will not be dark to you;
the night will shine like day, for darkness is as light to you.

ok, before i truly get you confused, re-read that again and use the points below to understand what the Psalmist is crying out in each passage.

1- "surely the darkness will hide me."
we know that we can feel consumed by the darkness and evil around us.  we are not immune to it.  Jesus promised us trials.  so surely the light will become like night.  His goodness will feel twisted, and like a lonely season.

2- the darkness will not be dark to you.
we also know He cannot be hidden by the darkness.  He is our Abba Father, the Creator of all.  He sees beyond our human capacity ever could.  the darkness is but a blip in time.

3- the night will shine like day, for darkness is as light to you.
the night, the twist in our reality, shines as brightly as morning for Him.  it's our test to see our moment through the eyes of God.  

this is from our New International Version; the best translation scholars could come up with to convey the meaning of God's breathed word to a portion of the general English-speaking population.  it's good, but man.. nothing beats the original.

so i perused the Hebrew concordance.

when i learned these few words' original meanings, and began to read the passage the way that it was originally intended for His people, this is how it looked:

i know i will face trials all around me, and it may make me lose sight of You, Lord
but i know that even this darkness cannot hide you;
the twist in my reality, this season of pain, is as fresh as morning, 
because in Your great plan, misery leads me to a prosperity, and both glorify You.

again, my interpretation after i read the Hebrew.  my new heart-song after comfort met me while i wept one morning in my closet.  my new confidence in the Lord's work in my life.  my new peptalk from my Jesus for when i'm failing to keep up.

the world is full of pain, and struggle, and it goes on when we think it's just time to be over already.  but God sees the end, the beautiful end, and the struggle is like morning to Him.  His mercies are new each morning.. we never know what He has saved us from, redeemed us from, protected us from.  but He does.  

and He sees the faith that exists, and knows the eternity in sight.  

we don't get it because we just aren't big enough.  
but we can receive this message and cherish it, knowing He is the beginning and end of it all.  

we are fearfully and wonderfully enlightened by a God who can shut out the dark and bring a beautiful reversal to all of our pain, and with that, i Praise Him.  

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