fearfully and wonderfully distinguished

i praise you because i am fearfully and wonderfully made

look closely, and see the reminder that we are fearfully and wonderfully made.  we know this from yesterday, right?  or do we?  

this word made seems to tell us again that the Lord created us.  certainly we attribute the word to His work; the Psalmist is praising Him for being fearfully and wonderfully made.  

but looking closer we see something different.

made is translated from the Hebrew word palah

palah:  to distinguish, put a difference, show marvellous, separate, set apart

we were not only created by an amazing God but also set apart, distinguished, to be amazing as well.  we were created in His image and made to light up the world.  i do not believe that He created only some people to become the wonderful He describes here.  i believe each and every soul on earth has the potential to become the completed wonderful work He intended.  for reasons beyond which we can discuss right here and now, we just do not all reach that potential.  

but here, in this verse, the loud truth is clear; we were distinguished by God.

so many Christians quarrel these days.  i've only been a believer for a little over four years and i'm already dodging cliques and communities that do everything except uphold the values laid out in the Bible.  i see struggle and competition, bickering and bitterness.  i see pain in the hearts of Christ's followers.  

but this verse, right here, reminds me that we were never meant to be set against.. but only set apart.  we were meant to shine the light which evil tries to cover.  we were meant to be distinguished men and women, and work hard, together, to grow this body of people into the Kingdom God intended.  

you are fearfully and wonderfully set apart, distinguished, and separated.  

dwell on this today, and shine in it!

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