fearfully and wonderfully directed

you discern my going out and my lying down

in case you haven't noticed yet, my titles are appearing a bit different than the words inspiring them.  today, the scripture inspiring me says He discerns my ways.. but my revelation is that i am directed.  

i'd like to take this moment to speak on that discrepancy.  i say discrepancy because, the definition of discern for many of us is known as "understanding, being familiar," but the Hebrew word that this occurrence of discern was translated from is a bit different..

i just love that the Word is alive and eternal; it applies to us all, no matter what we are going through.  it's a shame that in these times there is so much attack on the Bible simply because the scriptures are taken only for what translation they are written in, not the words they were translated from, and so they are doubted.  

today's devotion is just another example of how amazing and creative the Lord is.

you discern my going out and my lying down

discern appears in the NIV, and is written as "compassest" in the KJV.
these words are translated from the Hebrew word zarah

zarah: to toss about, to winnow (blow a current of air through), to disperse,
fan, scatter, spread, strew, diffuse, compass

as we have already known the word discern, this certainly changes it a bit.  to discern in this case is to direct, and guide.  the Lord discerns my going out and my lying down.. He plans my day, places me here and there, scatters my experiences, diffuses my energy throughout the day, fans out my plans, and winnows life into my day.  to discern my going out and my lying down is to keep a close and active grip on my every waking moment.  in a way, to discern my going out and lying down is to make sure i have enough to get me through.

my life is fearfully and wonderfully discerned (directed) if only i would call out to God and ask Him to take that place.  when i try to keep my own schedule, plan my own events, be there for everyone and do all the things, i am always lacking in the end.  but when i lean on the Lord and ask Him to guide me, i always end the day with as much love and energy as it started with.  He wants me to be available to do all the work He has planned.  

He discerns my going out and my lying down, and He directs you just the same.

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