fearfully and wonderfully created

for you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb

creation words make me so happy.  they confirm who i am, how i came to be, and Who is responsible.  

in this verse, the word created stands strong and tall for me.  it is a bold proclamation by the Psalmist to take everything from the past 12 verses and surrender to the power that bolsters them.  He is Creator of all -- even me.

created in the NIV is translated as "possessed" in the KJV from the Hebrew word qanah

qanah:  to erect, create, procure, own attain and more.

in the linked reference, it specifies that qanah is used in the form of creation in this particular verse, specifically, "of God as originating, creating."  

of God as originating.  oh, that bears some blessed weight, Amen?

we originate with Him.  we begin with Him.  we are formed from only one mold, Him.  in our everyday where we feel small, insignificant, underappreciated and lost, we can lean on this one word and its impeccable placement.  we were created by God.

and not just created, but specifically and dutifully.  we were created from the inside out.  He created our inmost being -- our deepest parts. 

He knit us together

the word "knit" has been scrutinized as many people cannot understand how this became the translation from "covered" in the KJV and cakak in the Hebrew.

cakak:  to cover, but in this usage according to the link above, "to weave together."

we are woven within the womb.  one bit at a time, for 40 weeks.  we are built from the most intricate and delicate organs out to the skin that protects us and features which define us.  and through each step, each bit of that evolution, He is in control.  He orchestrates each ounce of blood that travels through our teeny bodies, and provides the breath by which we first taste life.  

i just stop there everytime and really try to understand where He has been with me... with you, too.  it's been since before we could even know, and then some.  He is so eternally connected to us that it is no wonder we long for love, affection and appreciation.  the love and attention which created us is now missing unless we go back to the Source.  no person can ever see us the way our Creator sees us.  

He created our inmost being.  He knit us together in our mother's wombs.

He has been with us since day zero, and He is with us still.  

we are fearfully and wonderfully created.

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