fearfully and wonderfully convicted

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.

the past could days have been a bit tricky to navigate, yes?  to go from overwhelming praise, to offense, to feeling conflicted.. we have found a tight spot in our faith.  we love the Lord so much that we just cannot bear to hear another person shame Him, and our first (human) response is to judge and ridicule, but then a blessing comes when we do know we have judged, and we begin to feel Holy conviction.  

we can then ask the Lord to search our own bitter and broken hearts and know our anxious thoughts.

the words "anxious thoughts" are translated from the Hebrew word sarappim

sarappim:  disquieting thoughts

the Lord knows every bit of us, as we studied early in this series.  and as we praise and worship His greatness, we tend to find ourselves in a bit of a pouty princess moment, yes?  He is our King, but we do not get away with anything.  He loves us with a judgment that is righteous and Holy.  He calms our anxieties, when we let Him.

to ask the Lord to come into our hearts and search these thoughts out, we submit to His sovereignty and make way for a great healing.  it is an ongoing task, yes, but this is the start that means the most.  

we welcome You, Lord.  we ask You in, to clarify our doubts and take up residence in our minds.  search us and know us.  leave us fearfully and wonderfully convicted.

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