fearfully and wonderfully alive

your eyes saw my unformed body

oh, i could get nasty letters for this one.  and that is ok.  
this will not be a political talk -- this is my stance,
and i disclose right now 
that i will not engage in a debate on this blog.  
i will, however, discuss the matter with civility, 
but nothing less.  

this is a scripture that i have personally wrestled with from my time as an atheist, through seeking, and i now read it in the light of the Spirit as a Christ follower.  His eyes see the unformed body.  

unformed body is translated to "my substance, yet being imperfect" in the KJV from the word golem

golem:  substance, unfinished, an embryo

an embryo.. the very center of the heated subject of debate between the stance on abortion.

for me, it used to be all about a woman's choice.  but now when i collect years of my own opinion, and i weigh the opinions which influenced my own, and then weigh that against what i have come to know about the saving Grace of the Lord, and the miracles that are around us each day, i have decided to put my faith in Creation, and One who is responsible. 

and so, i put my faith in this scripture as a literal representation of what is dwelling in the womb of an expectant mother:  LIFE.

His eyes see what we cannot see.  His work created what we cannot fathom yet.  His life force orchestrates the growth of that being from invisible to indescribable.  i believe when a woman becomes pregnant it is by the grace of God and it is a gift.  

i believe that the life in her womb is seen and held and known by the Lord.  it will not be until tomorrow that we dive into just how much the Lord knows about that invisible, imperfect, and unfinished substance and why this "seeing" makes so much sense.  

for today, dwell on the conveyed message that we are fearfully and wonderfully alive from the very moment the Lord commands us to be.  

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