fearfully and wonderful unaware

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me, too lofty for me to attain.

though the message in this devotional will be uplifting and beautiful, this verse will come to mean so, so much if you go back and quickly review the last few verses.  just recall how we are sought, seen, understood, directed, stewarded and known by God.  then come back to this verse and read that "such knowledge is too wonderful.. too lofty to attain."

such knowledge, as in things we have discovered about God; the way He lives and loves in us; ways which we are told to live by.  such knowledge, which we learn here, is too wonderful, and too lofty to attain.

the word wonderful in the NIV is also "wonderful" in the KJV, from the Hebrew word pili.

pili:  remarkable, secret, wonderful, incomprehensible

the word lofty in the NIV is translated as "high" in the KJV, from the word sagab.

sagab:  exalted, inaccessibly high

the love of our God is just too big for us to comprehend, reason or even imagine.  His love, which ultimately spurred Creation, is too vast for us to take in.  even the most devout believer has big questions about God, and struggles with some of life's tragedies.  though difficult to reconcile why He would leave so much unanswered, this verse comforts us by explaining that there are some things which are just too big for us.  and one of them is His place in our personal lives.  

i love the one other occurrence of this word, found in Judges 13:18.  when Samson's birth was prophesied, his father Manoah asked the angel of the Lord for his name, and his reply was "why do you ask.. it is beyond understanding (NIV) -or- secret (KJV)"  


i don't know about you but it stirs my inner child to know that all the greatness of God is still surrounded by this one big secret, waiting to be discovered when that day comes.  it won't be until we are face to face with Him, seeing Him and hearing Him, that we will begin to unravel the tangle of the world and live in the vast and unattainable love He has for us.  until then, we live by faith and find solace in words like this Psalm.

for such knowledge is just too wonderful and exalted for us to grasp right now.

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