fearfully and wonderful seen

You know when I sit and when I rise

As scary as the thought could be, I find comfort in the fact that this verse brings:  
I am constantly seen by God.

He knows when I sit and when I rise.  There is no other way I can be during the day.
I am either at rest or in action, and He sees it.

He sees me rest in sleep, and knows the dreams that lull me or stir me.
He sees me rise and struggle through the morning, plopping face-down on the floor to just say, "Lord, I need You..oh, I need You."
He sees me greet my family, both grumpy and glad, depending on the day.

And He sees me rush through my task list, forgetting He is in control.  
And get to work and worry about a detail or two, forgetting He has set it up to grow me.  
And return home to gripe about dishes, though He provided them for my comfort.  

And He sees me fall asleep while (more often than not) taking stock of my self-worth, based almost solely upon what I didn't get finished that day... completely failing to realize that He was with me all the way through, and held more grip on that list than I ever could.

He knows what stirs me and what settles me.  Sometimes it's His word, and sometimes it's a TV show that allows me to be mindless, forgetting my struggles.  And yet, He is so gentle in letting me be nothing short of courted by worldly comforts, knowing full well His love is what is real.  I cannot imagine the pain of being known one moment and forgotten the next.  Surely He never forgets me.. but I rarely return that affection.

You know when I sit and when I rise

There is comfort in this reality because, I cannot ever appease Him.  His love is so unconditional that even through my day of falling short, one moment after another, He still holds me with scarred hands.  He still lifts me up from the pit and gives me yet another chance to let Him down.  

He still sees my very best, and loves me through my worst, and He sees and loves you, too.

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