thus far

today was a pretty relaxing, easygoing, normal-feeling day.  nothing too crazy, never felt bored.  nothing too challenging, but also never fully comfortable.

thus far the Lord has brought us.  

we are not finished, but we are far from where we started.  we know where we are going but understand we cannot get there just yet.  we have seen enough to know that we are covered.  we have endured enough to know we can handle it again, and maybe a bit more.

thus far the Lord has stretched us.

we have reached out to friends, family and eachother though our own energy felt depleted.  we have opened our minds to different ideas and processes, knowing that flexibility will be the only thing that gets us through.  we have felt content in otherwise uncomfortable situations.

thus far the Lord has grown us.

we have built up a communication between one another that survives on reassurance, respect and (a bit more) humility.  we have found that we are much more strong than we think at times.  we have discovered all over again that we truly enjoy the very presence of one another.

thus far the Lord has helped us.

we have experienced enough to know that we do not want to go back to "life as normal."  we have felt enough excitement in the in-between that we cannot just sink back into the old routine.  we have reconsidered life in our new home and are certainly going to make some changes.

thus far the Lord has saved us.

we did not endure fire and fear on the literal plane, but we knew it enough to feel the heat and discomfort.  we now know that the world only makes sense if our family is connected, happy and safe.  we can see that the place the Lord prepared for us would not work with our old mindset; that bringing us through to a new dwelling would not be successful unless He broke us of old habits.

despite the many confirmations and answered prayers, we'll continue working.  there is no way this is a one-time revelation that will take us through the rest of our lives.  this is but one moment we can look on in the years to come and say "thus far the Lord has brought us."  if He brings us through this, perhaps He will bring us through more..

by this point in the true Exodus the Red Sea was parted.  i never expected for this story to line up so literally that i would have a sea-parting story to fill you in on this weekend.  when this "series" began, it was meant to be the weekly laments and groans of a woman missing her washing machine.  only a couple days into the journey did i realize the continued connection to the Exodus and begin to draw my hope from there.

so though there is no sea parting in our lives, i am still in a place to find awe in my God.  the story of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea is one of the most amazing displays of faith and provision in the Bible.  read it and know that wherever you are in life, and whatever you are going through, the Lord brought His children through something BIG at one time, and He will bring you through, too.

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