songs of praise

waking up as homeowners didn't feel much different as living in our scatter for the past 10 days.  we are still a bit displaced, discombobulated, and let's face it, discouraged.  we've been at one another's throats--fighting, arguing and snapping.  

the wicked one loves it, you know?

today i thought of the Israelites and their celebration and praise upon seeing the Egyptians become covered by the sea that was held back for them only moments before.  i thought of the song they sang, and how they proclaimed back to the Lord all that He had just completed.  

specifically, i thought of this verse:

“I will sing to the Lord,

    for he is highly exalted.
Both horse and driver
    he has hurled into the sea.”

Yes, Exodus 15:1 is a bit dark.  it displays the wrath of God; His sovereign power.  it reflects on the death of many men.. men who were created in His image.  but in this moment, they were attacking His chosen people.  in this moment, they 
were coming back for them, after holding them captive for hundreds of years.  

in this moment, God stepped in to protect His children.

there is no doubt that our world is full of pain, sadness and struggle.  many times non-believers taunt Christians with claims that they worship an evil God.  the questions and comments and cackling are sometimes too much.  but we know the good and bad things God has done -- the difference is we have chosen to learn why and live in remembrance of that.  

God has the best in mind for His children, there is no question.  we will never understand why He does anything He does, but can only have faith in the Creator of all we do know.  the mysteries that infiltrate our everyday are too numerous for us to fathom.  we would be paralyzed by confusion and wonder if it were up to us to try to understand it all.

so how does this fit in with our story, and yours?  

well, look at the horses and drivers that drowned, and consider the enemies the Lord is holding back from you each day you live and breath.  we know the enemy is on our heels from the moment we wake until we wake again the next day.  we know he wants to destroy our faith and hope and joy.  we know he wishes to be like God.  it is only natural to understand that he wishes to destroy us.  

when we plan something and pursue it in the name of Jesus, the devil has prime opportunity to play on our fears and build up our defenses, causing us to stumble and fail to complete what we've set out to do.  he knows just what to whisper in order for us to question our abilities.  he cannot take away God's promises but he can make us believe we are not able to achieve righteousness.   

but girls, we are.  we need to call on Jesus' name, send the evil one away, and just like the horse and driver in the Red Sea, God will hurl down any enemy that works to impede our journey to the Promised Land.   so think right now:

how is satan working in your heart and mind right now?

how is he trying to impede your joy?

how is his oppression displaying itself in your planning and anticipation?

as children of God you too have the power to shut him down, cross on dry land and praise a highly exalted God who will hurl down the enemy for you!!  are you going to?  

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