lest we forget

today i'm feeling the pressure of keeping up when there is no stability to return to.  several times today i've thought "i cannot wait to get home and put my feet up", only to remember that i won't be going home.  our friend would certainly encourage me to relax in her home, but it just doesn't feel the same, you know?  

we are not just there to be comfortable amidst transition but also to serve her.  tonight, i made dinner and was so happy that she enjoyed it.  for a woman who has much of her own, it felt good to provide something for her.  God blessed us with the opportunity to take care of someone when we are in a moment of need ourselves, and the humbling is worth celebrating.  

but back to my day of stress, and exhaustion, and my longing for my bed to nap in and kitchen to putter around in.  i was sad to know it'll still be weeks before these places are available.  i cried a bit today, wondering why God couldn't just make it happen faster.  
why must we wait??

Exodus 13:17 explained something special to me:
When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them on the road through the Philistine country, though that was shorter. For God said, “If they face war, they might change their minds and return to Egypt.”

in the KJV the words are arranged a bit differently:  lest they face war and repent.  i've always loved the usage of the word "lest" because it sums up something so profound in faith, something that we often take for granted; God's ability to pre-empt our fears and reactions to them, and re-route our journey accordingly.   

here He explains that He took the Israelites the long way out of Egypt so they wouldn't face war and change their minds about fleeing.  He knew they would find fear if they met the Philistines and think it easier to stay in Egypt, slaves.  oh how He wanted so much better for them, and He wants the very best for us, too.

if He opened our home now and gave us what we wanted, only He knows what will be waiting for us.  only He knows how much we can handle right now.  maybe the home is in tip top shape and ready for us.. and maybe the sellers will notice something as they pack up, and work on a solution, leaving us without the burden of having to do such work.  

all i know is He is in the business of never overloading us and will see to it to take us on the exact route we need to travel, lest we reach a problem we cannot handle and forget His goodness.  i'm blessed to be the daughter of such a strong and sovereign King.

is God taking you on the "long-road" through something?

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