keeping faith

today i celebrate a God who gives.  

our closing will be three days earlier than planned.. THREE DAYS!

that's a lifetime in the land of those who are in-between, amen?

as is custom, the wicked one is on my heart again.  nothing too monumental, but enough to make me shake him off left and right today.  i'm just getting tired of it.  i'm tired of the attacks, the negative feelings, the doubts.  i'm tired of carrying around the questions of "what if.." and "why can't we..."  most of all, i'm tired of trying to fight them.

i need peace.  i need contentment.  i need the rest that only God can provide.

as i read through the information needed to clear us for closing i thought of Thomas, who has been the head of all of this.  he is working like a madman to keep up with demands at the office, as well as prepare for an overseas trip (yeah.. that's going to be a whole new series) and secure this home.  God has tested him left and right by means of hoops to jump through and a cranky wife to love.  it has not been easy for him.  

so if anything brings me rest right now it is knowing Thomas has done all of this for us.  he has chosen to plant our family in an amazing city, with amazing schools, and talks about the amazing life we hope to provide for our son.  we have our ups and our downs.. and our way downs.. but it always bounces back and leaves me in praise.  

this is the man i prayed for.  he is my gift.  

and all we are doing right now is from God; of that, i am certain.

today i could almost stretch to try to find a correlation with the Exodus story but again, i don't need to.  God saw fit to illuminate another amazing part of the story and attach it to what we are experiencing.

as Thomas has been working hard to secure the final details of this home, i have been fearful.  fearful that our life will not pan out as planned.  fearful that we will experience trials.  fearful that it will just fall apart, somehow.  i have heard God's message, felt His hand on this, and still i sit in fear.  Thomas, however, has been working towards closing and all kinds of certain it will work out.  sheesh.. who has the faith here?!

it made me think of Joseph's bones which Moses carried.  

(no, there are no bones in our storage unit.. but there is a lesson, i promise lol)

could you imagine the looks on the faces of the Israelites as Moses carted around a bag of dry bones?  could you just imagine how crazy they may have thought him at times?  regardless, Moses fulfilled this command of Joseph's; this oath he made Moses keep because he believed that much that God would certainly bring them to the land He promised Abraham's descendants.  

those dry bones were a mission for Moses.  as he was bringing all of the others, he was fulfilling this promise to Joseph.  i have to imagine that in carrying them, his own faith grew.  why would he continue to carry them if he didn't wholeheartedly believe that they would reach the land God promised them?  as with our home; why would the paperwork be in progress, and the dates be arranged, if the house wouldn't be ours in the end?  

i have been allowing fear to come over my mind and cloud my thankfulness, all while my husband kept the faith in plain sight, as boldy as a bag of bones.

what dry bones are in your presence 
that you may be unaware of?  

what promises are there 
that you may be forgetting to acknowledge?

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