we have a home.

we have a place to go to.

we have room to grow, and dwell, and live.

today we signed the umpteen papers necessary to transfer ownership of a lovely patch of Northville land from one family to another.  we spent a good amount of time listening to the Realtor explain the papers, point where our signatures belonged, and sighing in between.  we left the table after handshakes and pleasantries.  we couldn't believe it.

contrary to the typical closing actions, we did not receive the keys and hear "welcome home!"  we had met the sellers at the house about 90 minutes before to perform a final walkthrough.  though we went through the motions, i couldn't help but notice the way the woman focused on such simple things, like which way the shades most easily open, or which flowers i could expect to pop up in April.  i was even taken by the way she habitually flipped the switch of a hidden buffet light while searching her purse for the keys.  
she found them, handed them over, and that was that.

it was not graceful or exciting, and it shouldn't have been; at least not in excess.  they were the original owners and had lived there over three decades, raising and releasing three daughters from those four walls, and building memories i can't even imagine.  i felt like i was imposing though it was now going to be ours.  there really is something about a home...

we sat at the table to sign papers while those keys were in my purse.  they weren't ours, yet.  

as papers buzzed around the table and jargon was dissected by the professionals, the four of us sat in a stunned sort of submission to it all.  once it was done, the Realtor did congratulate us but even that was celebrated delicately.  

i didn't plan for the next bit but, as we left the room i was in front of the sellers and i couldn't help but wait for them to come around the table and then reach out to the woman;  the woman whose kitchen and garden and coffee nook i would soon inhabit.  her hug was genuine, as were the little tears welling in my eyes.  i said "thank you. i know we're gaining something so special".  she smiled and said "our daughter was sad to hear we sold her home."   

and that is what i kept hearing....   not "congratulations", or "welcome home" but the final parting words of people who joyfully loved their home.  

in that moment i knew we had not only gained an amazing place to live, but new friends.  knowing that Thomas is leaving the country this coming Saturday, they offered to receive any calls about anything i may encounter during the move.  if anything were to flicker or fall apart, i was to call them first.  the emotions were a bit awkward but full of reality and the anticipation of new beginnings.  i was grateful for all of them.

so now we plan our migration that way!  yes, many other little things happened today, but right now all i can do is praise God for providing exactly what He promised He planned for us.  He brought us through, (and still is for a couple more days), and we are living in a season of blessing.  

until the housework begins, i leave you with this image 
of the culmination of nearly 21 months of searching, praying and believing.

let the fun begin :)

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