living water // He reveals Himself

get caught up!
He is waiting for you somewhere out of your comfort zone
He will meet you where you are
the hundredfold return
divine quality time

as we close this study i am just reviewing the details of a seemingly simple interaction.  this one story reminds me that any moment can go from ordinary to ordained when God presents Himself to us and engages in active communication.

the final message i pull from John 4 is that He will reveal Himself, even when it feels like He is taking His precious time.  i've experienced such quiet moments in my pleading where i worked myself to a frenzy believing God had given up on me.  

here, however, we see that as He spoke to the woman at the well, and literally wrung the stagnant water from her heart, He had full intention of showing her who He was.  all along she may have felt vulnerable, emptied, exhausted and ashamed.  she may have wanted to just run, but held herself together out of respect.  she may have not even had a care in the world.  

what we do know is that she was well aware of the man that was on the way and coming to save them all.  she was not ignorant to the fact that the world of sin was going to be checked, once and for all, and that she was in that collection of sinners.  and just when she admitted all that she was educated on, He spoke up and claimed His rightful place in that hope of all hopes she held.

i believe that my darkest days as sinner were my brightest days to be revealed at a later time.  in my weakest of weak moments He was there.  in the saddest times i have ever known, God was with me.  in the times i felt most vulnerable, most misunderstood, wholly judged and helpless, Jesus stood by me and waited until the right time to reveal Himself to me.  all along i said "i know someday this will all be illuminated and i will have the courage to stop.."  and then one day He came into my awareness and flipped the switch in my life.

i am far from perfect, but knowing Jesus means i know that it is not the end for me.  to live is Christ and to die is gain.  as i live and sin, but live and try, i am living for Christ.  when i die, i will be with Christ.  as i walk as a human in my own shameful midday sun, searching for idols of well water and hiding from society's conviction, i am walking the same path as many, only i have become aware of He who is waiting for me.  

He has revealed Himself to me.

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