living water // He is waiting somewhere out of our comfort zone

i had only heard this story one time before the time that it stole my heart.  it was presented in an application during a Sunday sermon.  it was read quickly and within the context of how Jesus would reach out to anyone of his time, even a Samaritan.  the story gave me hope, but it wasn't until i had heard it from a different voice that i accepted the story as a representation of my own personal salvation path.


a woman i truly admire in the blogging and bible world, Grace Biskie, was speaking at Michigan State back in March.  i stumbled upon a facebook post announcing that she would be there and felt God's nudge to speak to her about it.  i had never met this woman in real life and had only been a fan of her blog and ministry.  i had barely even reaching out to talk to her since she is kind of a big deal.  but in this moment i felt a wave of confirmation and so i commented on the post, requesting more details.  

she responded and put me in touch with the event's coordinator...

and i went...

and quickly realized it was a CBC event....  (Collegiate Black and Christian)

and yep, you guessed it; i was the only white girl.


as i dabbed sweat and embarrassment off my forehead and pretended i belonged there, i wrote these words in my journal:

"you are so creative, Lord.."

and He really is, isn't He?

i mean, if i had known this was a CBC event, i would certainly not have gone.  i would have been nervous and uncomfortable.  i would have been afraid of feeling out of place or being looked at funny, and the others possibly realizing i'm not black and therefore don't belong there!  

it was absurd.... and it was exactly why God left that detail out of the plan.

neither Grace nor her contact Shaylen informed me.  not a single mention on facebook clued me in.  all i knew is i was supposed to go there, and so i did.  it wasn't until i committed, drove an hour, hunted down parking and ran across campus twice that i knew He was going to make me work for His Word that night.


so how does this relate to the Samaritan woman and kick off the new series?  

Jesus knows what it is to cross unfamiliar territory 
in the pursuit of growing a ministry, 
and so He may be waiting for you right now
somewhere out of your comfort zone

in John 4 we learn that He had left Judea that morning and was headed back to Galilee.  He had to travel through Samaria and He chose to find rest at the well in the middle of Sychar.  He had work to do, right there, and He made no effort to change the location.  

He crossed a huge border by sitting beside that well and just waiting...

waiting for a woman to arrive

and for the opportunity to serve her

and for the moment to come that He was planning all along


and He may be crossing a border with you right now.  are you being called to anything uncomfortable?  do you find yourself being pulled to go or see or do and you aren't exactly sure of where or what it is?  are you sure of these details and just nervous to be obedient?

if we look to John 4 for guidance, we can see that while the woman was on her way to the well that afternoon, she had no idea that the Savior was not only there, but had planned to be there and was actually waiting.  He was in a land that hated Jews, just sitting and waiting to serve.  He knew what it was to be uncomfortable for the sake of ministry.


there's no question i was safe and surrounded by amazing people, but my flesh was still uncomfortable for obvious reasons.  as we look at one another through human eyes we see differences.  but God does not.  He knows His children, inside and out, and that day He wished a word to hit my heart so badly that He pulled up the stops and sent me to a place that would shake me.  i was blessed for the opportunity to hear Grace speak, and i cannot wait to share more of her talk with you over the next 3 weeks.  

most wonderful of all is i was blessed with the opportunity to worship and learn more of God with strangers who were truly my family, in Christ.  

consider what God may be putting into action in your life right now 
and where He may be sitting and waiting for you...

just be aware it may be somewhere out of your comfort zone :)

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