living water// divine quality time

get caught up!
He is waiting for you somewhere out of your comfort zone
He will meet you where you are
the hundredfold return

this next part of the story still perplexes me.  after Jesus meets the woman and prompts her with the request to quench His thirst (and her own in the process..), He goes on to illuminate her sins by inviting her to bring her husband to the well... a husband He knew she did not have.  

though it exposed the shame hidden in this woman's heart, i do not believe it was Jesus' desire to make her feel ashamed.  i believe it was His desire to show her just how much He knew of her and continued to speak to her about who He was -- building trust and forming a relationship.

i say i'm perplexed because i wonder "why didn't Jesus just turn her bucket of water to wine and call it a day?  why all the runaround chatter?"

and in that thought i realize i still forget the greatness of God; the greatness that comes to us in the form of a desire to engage in relationship.

Jesus has all the time in the day to speak to us, personally, about anything and everything.  sometimes He will listen, and sometimes He has messages that just need to get through.  either way, there is a line of communication so real and so loud that it is a wonder we do not just sit in silence all day and wait for it.  Amen?

as i re-read the beginning verses where Jesus asked for water and that the disciples went to town for food, i think of two main reasons why this seemingly insignificant detail was inspired and written into this Gospel.  

1.  given the hatred between Samaritans and Jews, Jesus may have waited for this time to be away from the disciples in order to avoid a possible conflict between the disciples and the woman.

2.  perhaps this detail was given to us to show how Jesus will take advantage of the "time away" from one person (by power of His omnipresence) to focus on another.

for me, personally, i do find that once the Lord has found me separated from those who are in need of acts of service, those who are in need of my time or attention, or those who do not believe in Him, He will speak to me loud and clear.  

at the same time, i realize that there are times where He is spending time communicating with me and I later find out that He was with a close friend or family member at the same time.  where many would think God must divide His time, we as believers have experienced the comfort that comes from knowing He has the power to dwell with each of us, simultaneously.  

so the Lord found Himself separated from the masses and His disciples, and He went to spend divine quality time with a woman who didn't even know she needed Him.  

we know we need Him, and we know He desires to communicate with us.  

can you hear Him calling you to sit and chat for a while?  

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