through the pasture// in the presence of my enemies

Get caught up!

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.  
You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

the next verse appropriately follows, describing the table that the LORD prepares before him in the presence of his enemies.  if you know David, you know he had a lot of 'em for a while there.  he was a great King, but a great sinner at times, too.  he was hunted by a jealous king shortly after he was anointed and he was hunted by those avenging men who were killed at his hand.  he hid in caves and came face to face with many demons.  

David had a lot of enemies.  hold that thought as I explain the table.

from what i've learned thanks to the passion and expertise of many bible teachers and scholars, the table that God will prepare is a metaphor for the communion and fellowship we experience with Him.  if you have never understood the communion or the feast or the table at which we dine with God, for simplicity's sake I will just say that it is the place where we exercise our number one purpose as those who God created; to engage in communion with Him and feast on Him!  

the physical table is where you recline and dine.  the physical table is where the family gathers and talks.  the Heavenly table is where God will bring us after the tribulation, to celebrate our eternity with Him.  it's not dinner that is the keyword, it is FELLOWSHIP.  to take your time with God and literally eat and drink Him in is the purest form of engaging in relationship with God.  

~Moses experienced it in Exodus 24:8-11 when he climbed Mt. Sinai and dined with God and some of his men.  We read this and think there was as picnic.  It's an understandable misinterpretation until we picture that they dined ON God; on His presence, on the tangible air surrounding them in that cloud.  They were wrapped in the LORD and feasted and filled on it.  

~i don't think I need to refresh your memory of the Last Supper, but if you need to look it up to further understand His explanation of the communion, go to Luke 22:14-20.  Here, Jesus explained that His shed blood was to be the new covenant with Him.  

This right here is what God wants most from us; that we are hungry for Him.  

so to prepare a table in the presence of David's enemies means that David is going to engage in extreme fellowship, to literally be drenched in God's presence, all the while his enemies stand around and watch; helpless, hopeless, without effect and dumbfounded.  He will anoint us and fill our cups to the point that is runs over, all while the wicked one watches, knowing he is powerless against this most high relationship between man and his Creator.  


have you ever had a moment where you just knew you were in the presence of evil and could still feel God beckoning you to recline, safely, in His Presence?

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