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as i close this series a few days behind, i am feeling the weight of reality and a bit of irony, even.  faith right now is beyond opposite what i always pictured it would be.  faith right now is so many different emotions and experiences all rolled into one.

when i first became a believer i was certain that i would figure out the trick to keeping up with prayer and study, fellowship and volunteering.  i pictured my husband following right behind me and us raising our (many) children with the Bible as the solid foundation.  i thought i had everything set to start the journey.  i was so wrong....

i cannot think, or imagine or be certain of anything that has to do with my faith or family.  though it seems we should have a pretty adequate picture of what a life of faith should look like, it is instead left to be experienced as we live it.  

what faith looks like right now is a communication.. 
a dance of sorts between Divine and devoted.  
it is an agreement that He will always lead but will keep you looking like you are.  
it is a promise to never let you stumble, even when the song abruptly changes.

faith is not the matter of whether i see Jesus walk on water today, but how i interpret and live out the faith that came from those who did see it.  it's understanding that God is no different today than He was then, but that our world is much different, and hearing Him is difficult amidst the noise.

faith is finding the strength to believe in my God even when those closest to me think i'm crazy, and when the things i believe will happen, don't.  

faith is believing while not seeing, just as He said we should.  (John 20:29

this series is much different than any other i've written, mostly because of the key word in the title: affirmation.  this series is my continued affirmation that, even in the midst of doubt i am still certain i will believe.  this series is, i guess, a sort of a self pep-talk.

my hope for you reading it is to put yourself in the position to ask these four questions and evaluate how you answer them.  everyone needs a good strong faith booster shot here and there, and this series is the product of the first time i realized mine was due.  by asking these questions, i not only checked where i was on my faith walk, but reaffirmed my faith and strengthened my confidence in the Lord.  i hope the same for you.

be blessed~

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