new series// who? why? how? now!

this series is the result of having faith long enough to come back around to the questioning.  

yes, questioning.

even as a believer, i still have moments where i look up to the sky, out of the corner of my eye, and wonder who is looking down on me.  i ask tough questions.  i pray in laments.  i lose momentum with bible study.  it happens here and there, and the process of circling back to a strong theological connection always fuels me to press on. 

this is by no means an expert study, but rather, a support of sorts for those of us (and hopefully there are many) who spend quiet moments asking God if He is still there.  it is our nature as a human to doubt and fear and worry, and it is His nature as God to fill those places with His light, mercy and grace. 

i hope you will join me this month as we ask a few tough questions and use them as stepping stones to return to Him after our small bouts of wandering.

meet you back here on Monday :)

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