waiting// a poetic rant of sorts

i'm tired and cranky

homework is taking over

it's just that time of... life

eli is getting bigger 

and louder

and i am getting baby fever

spring is nearly here ::cheer::

relaxation is in store for us all

i am hoping we find a house, soon

what's frustrating is the block i am feeling

knowing that God is up to something

but holding me at this place for now

most frustrating is i have no control at all

no control over when He'll move

and allow me to take the next step

most liberating is knowing i owe no one an explanation 

not for my obedience to His plan

or my faith in the unknown

i fix my eyes on what is unseen

and i wade through confusion knowing He is pulling me through

i set my sights on the Man that has pulled me out of so much

and my hope is in His Grace

what are you wading or waiting through today??

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