the gentleman//he loves our shoes

two weeks ago we talked about how Jesus holds the door
last week we talked about how He carries our bags

today i tell you about a man who
loves our shoes

how many times have you been let down by a man who didn't even notice your shoes? your favorite ones.. the ones you have lived in and worked your way into, and that you wear so well because they have been on your feet for a long time?  

or the brand new shiny pair you saved weeks for last spring after months of pining?  the ones you picked out after much deliberation, to really say who you are and define your style?

on another note..

how many times have you been just plain embarrassed or let down by your shoes, and by their failure to keep you from looking "together?"  have you been resistant to go into public because your shoes would give you away as less fashionable or less worthy?  have you ever been jealous of another woman's shoes?  

ladies... Jesus loves our shoes. 

He loves the shoes you have lived in
the ones that represent the life you have lived in pain, loneliness, brokenness and despair.  he loves the shoes that are worn beyond the sole by miles of regret and stretched at the seams from running to and from Him all of your life.

He loves your new shoes
the ones you purchased the day you asked Him into your heart; that fresh pair that was going to show the world that you are a new woman; a daughter of God, Himself.  He sees them and He loves them

He loves the shoes you are still wearing
the ones that you don't feel good in, that you just don't know how to be ok with yet.  the shoes you are trying to hide, and cover up, because they are so caked with mud from the pit you are still crawling out of.  these are the ones that you think no one would want to walk a mile in..  

these shoes, beloved, are His favorite..

i want you to know that He already has walked that mile, and then some, because He was carrying you while you wore those shoes, and still is right now.  He has put them back on your feet when you have tried to shake them off and run in the opposite direction, reminding you that it's His road you are on, not anyone else's.  He has hunted you down like the Duke in Cinderella to remind you that one failure will not throw you back into the fire; you are His Princess.  

He has reached out to impede your sprints in the wrong direction, coming off as sovereignly punishing you, when it's really His grace saving you all over again...  

He has watched you carve out your pattern on this earth with those shoes you're wearing, and He has a great work for you to complete.  until the day He calls you up, your only job is to wear those shoes wholly and humbly, for they represent all He has designed for you, all you are right now, and all you will become.

just as God was with the Israelites in the desert, 
for all of those years, through all of the pain, He is with you.  
He knew all they would go through, and He led them through it. 

the perfect gentleman would not only notice our shoes, but he would cherish them, because they have made you who you are.  you are stronger for the distance they have endured and the trials they have conquered.  they are more than a list of experiences; they are a piece of your wardrobe.  

therefore, your countenance is changed when you wear fresh shoes... and a fresh freedom

no man can comfort all you have been through. 
no man can even understand it, let alone embrace it and love you despite it.  
no man can look at your shoes, and really appreciate the depth of them

no man, except Jesus.

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