the gentleman//he is our biggest fan

this month we have explored some of Jesus' most amazing attributes 
and paralleled them with a woman's desire to find the perfect gentleman.

week one we learned that He Holds the Door
week two we learned that He Carries Our Bags
last week we learned that He Loves Our Shoes

and this week we'll celebrate a man who

is our biggest fan

there is not a single being in existence that wants more for us than God.  

not our spouses

not our parents

not even the most proud corners of our own hearts...

we are destined for the most amazing things because we were created by a God who holds all things in His hands.  each person on this earth is accounted for.  He knows the hairs on our heads, the grains of sand at the depths of the ocean, and the parts of our hearts that are most deeply broken.  

He knew we would be creatures of pain and revival because that was the plan all along.  His ways exist outside of physical law, and beyond the reaches of a human mind.  we try to understand it all but we simply cannot.  we can distract ourselves, and choose other beliefs, yes, but that void remains...  it is difficult to fully explore the reasons of why we are where we are in this small devotional, so for the sake of time and sanity, i give you the cliffsnotes:

when we were first created, we were immaculate.  
that word is so difficult to even type because it encompasses the most perfect of perfect, and clean of clean.  to be immaculate is to be completely without sin.  and ladies, we were created there.. in that place... in that most pure thought in our Lord's heart. 

we lived there, and thrived there, without shame, for a while.  
we were perfect and walked with God.  we had everything we would ever need or want at our disposal and were rulers of every living being on the earth.

we lost it when we took that apple to our greedy lips.
we tried to take God's wisdom into our own hands.  we thought we knew better. 

we were still loved by a God.
though we took the entire state of balance, love and harmony and turned it completely upside down, He carried out His plan, and it is still in the works today.

you see, He believes in us because He created us to be something beautiful.

the Lord believes in us because He loves us, yes, but it all comes back to creation and what He desired when He spoke light into the darkness.  He created us out of love.  He forbid us that tree, out of love.  and yes, He even banished us out of love.  i firmly believe that He gave us distance from Eden in order to bring us back in His time.  

we failed Him.. He did not fail us.

that struggle is left in our hearts.  that desire for someone who believes in us more than we believe in ourselves.  when we fall off track we search out mentors and idols to follow because that is the way we are wired.  we know that when our purpose gets foggy, we must shorten that tether between us and something...  some choose men to fill this void.  

many women will deny this, but deep down in each of us is the longing to be loved for exactly who we are.  
who better to accomplish this than the One who created us?  

Jesus is the sole provider of our peace and well-being.  until we understand the divine plans He has for us (Jeremiah 29:11), we will be chasing all of the wrong things.  we will turn to men to complete us.  we will idolize money.  we will sell ourselves very short.  we will always find yet another detail that we believe will save us.  

"if only we could get along better...."
"if only i made more money...."
"if only i could lose that last 10 pounds...."
"maybe if i dressed different...."
"maybe if i thought more like (insert human idol here)"

it is as successful (and exhausting) as a dog chasing its tail.

there is only one way to finally feel complete and that is when you realize who is God and who is not.  He created you, and He put the desires into your heart that you long to fulfill.  He is the fan who will never leave your side.  He is the one who believes in you, no matter how far you stumble and no matter how big you fail.  He is at work in you and will make all things work together for His children (Romans 8:28)  

the perfect gentleman is difficult to come by these days, but there is One that will never let us down.  He holds the door to Heaven for us, He carries our bags full of pain and struggle, He embraces our shoes worn on a journey through torturous deserts, and He will never stop cheering you on.  

find rest in Him, ladies~

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