the gentleman//he holds the door

this month i am diving into scripture to back up the reasons why i love Jesus

as i mentioned in my intro post a few days back, this devotional series will take four of Jesus' greatest qualities and bring them to the secular woman to show how He is the perfect and true gentleman we all wish for.  

this week i am telling you about a Man who 

holds the door

as women, we are torn between the duty to be feminine and individual all at the same time.  they really are two different things!  to be feminine is to be the other half of God; matching perfectly with our male counterpart.  to be secularly individual is, more often than not, to deny the call to be balanced by our opposite gender and view ourselves as superior.  many women have disclosed that these feelings come from being hurt by men; being let down.  oh, had they only known The Gentleman..

Jesus, Himself, tells us in John 14:6:
“I am the way and the truth and the life. 
No one comes to the Father except through me."

as we all know, the bridge to Heaven was burned the minute Eve bit that apple.  it was rebuilt the second Christ gave His last breath on the cross.  He opened a door for us and holds it open still today.  

despite our evils, our fighting, our sinning and our hatred, He sits at the right hand of God and leaves an open door by the pouring of His blood.  we forget that God is sovereign and can shut it at any moment.  He can cut our direct route to salvation at anytime.  He can give up on us in a heartbeat and send us flying into a pit of exactly what we deserve.  instead, He graciously and lovingly extends a way for us to find ourselves clean in Heaven

to take our analogy one step further
consider the heart of a yielding man who holds the door for a woman.  
a man who will wait for her to take those few extra steps and enter first.  
a man who says "let me get that for you" and delights in it.

he is gentle, kind, and creates a warmth that is not often felt in our world.  

Jesus is exactly that.  

He is the man who was sent here to perform the most tender and selfless gesture of submission in order to help us when we needed it most and the door is still open, waiting for us all to walk through.  he will not go forward without us.

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