the gentleman//he carries our bags

last week we discussed how chivalrous and kind our Lord is as He holds the door for us

this week let's talk about how He
carries our bags

sometimes women want a man who can reeeally put their pride aside and pick up our multi-colored snakeskin carry-all without flinching.  we want a man who is big enough, secure enough and willing enough to relieve us of the load, no matter what it looks like or how it may alter his own image.  sightings of these men in the flesh are few and far between, but there is One who is there, always.

our God is the master of the "Bag Lady"

He does not feel one ounce of concern as He pulls us out of the mud and claims us as His daughters.  no matter what we may be carrying in our lives, He takes it upon His shoulders with a big swoop, allowing us to be free to do other things.  He examines it, yes, but instead of holding it over our heads like a scoreboard, He says, "even this I can make into something beautiful."  He makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him. (Romans 8:28)

how many times have you felt let down by a man that couldn't carry your baggage?  

how often are you struggling to find a gentleman to relieve you of your pain?  

how certain have you become that he just does not exist?

you are right to feel this way.. he has let you down and you will continue to struggle, because that human man doesn't exist.

we cannot expect other people to do what only God can do.
no human can save us or heal us because it is not their job.  only God can relieve us of what we have been through and provide the healing we desperately need.  

this remains as my biggest struggle.  i look to my husband to be my deliverer and redeemer of all the things that have hurt me in my life, but it is a task that is too big for him.  it has broken us down to pieces because i simply demand more than he can give me.  i must remember that it's just not his job to fix me.  
most important to remember; it is not his fault.  

and it's not anyone else's..

just like Adam and Eve were told of the one tree they could not eat from, we have things we are shielded from because our humanness is wholly incapable of carrying that knowledge and responsibility.  handling the past and pains of others is one of them.  yes, we can help people by comforting them and consoling them, but we can not heal them or save them.  

God is the only gentleman that is strong enough to take up our flaws and failures, willingly carry them, and see beauty and potential in them.  i speak for myself when i say we must remember to lean on Him, and not a human, when we are crying out for a healing.

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