state of my spirit

loving Father~

i lift up Your name as I reflect on the moments where I clearly felt Your presence today.

You reminded me, through many sources, to come to You for rest

i felt Your peace in the arms of my content husband

and experienced Your miraculous love with an unprompted "i love you mama" from eli.

i stood at church and praised Your name with hundreds of other believers

sang out loud of Your love, and endless mercy

and held back a breakdown, remembering all You suffered for me

i took bread and wine in remembrance of You

i took in the weight of Your fresh promises as i thanked You for all i am

i stood in awe of You and felt new all over again

Lord i am not worth the Son You sent for me

but i'm forever grateful for the opportunity to learn to believe i am

thank You for the life i live, even when i do not appreciate it

thank you for Your patience with me, and Your forgiveness, time and time again

blessed am i to find myself in Your favor during my time here on earth

in Your name i pray, sweet Savior,


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