make me over//2103 ~ resolve

It may seem weird that the act of resolving is step 3, but after considering the healing that must happen before we can create new goals, it will begin to make more sense.

Resolution cannot be successful if carried out without any preparation.  

We must dig into our hearts and thoroughly assess them because, much of what we hold onto from the past is not going to help us in the future.  In fact, it may not even let us move in that direction, but instead hold us captive to our failures, chained to shame, guilt and regret.  Through repentance and renewal, we clear the way for fresh resolution.

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step 3
((this post will be a bit lengthy, but today is when we do some real work!))

When I first began to pray for God to release me from much of the pain and regret that my past held, He kept revealing the word “resolve” to me.  Seemed simple enough; resolve the past.  But as I began to work to resolve things, I quickly learned that the word He commanded means more (much more) than just cleaning up the mess you’ve left behind.  It also means to move forward and do something new.  

Merriam Webster defines resolve in two ways:
as a verb:  to unloose, dissolve, release.
as a noun:  a legal or official determination

This is appropriate for us, being that we are in the month of January; the start of a New Year!  This is the time when we are all making new resolutions.  

This is also the time where, according to some studies, the majority of us have given up on our goals for 2013 by this point.  

How can this be? 
When we planned for them all through December and launched them with gusto and glory; how is it that we have already failed?

It’s because we have worked backwards.

Hastily making resolutions sets us up for failure because we are trying to "do right now" the results we "hope to see" in the future.  We are moving new practices into an old mind and trying to mix new dreams with old pains.   But as the definition of resolve, and God's plan, reveals, we must clean up the old before bringing in the new.  

It’s like moving into an old home.   
First you need to get rid of what’s left behind, probably replace the carpet, update the wiring and scrub scuffs off of the walls.  It must meet a new code; a new set of rules that deem it liveable.  You see, just because that house nearly fell down a month ago doesn’t mean you can’t refresh the foundation and air out the attic.  There is still room to grow there as long as you get rid of the poison that was rotting it and bring it up to date.

If we would go through all of that for a house, 
why can’t we do that for our hearts?? 

Aren’t our dreams and lives worth rolling up our sleeves and scrubbing out old agreements, poisonous judgments and unnecessary bitterness?  Isn’t a life of happiness worth forgiving someone and letting God replace that pain with faith?  

Throughout the Bible there is testimony after testimony of God’s children learning from mistakes and then moving forward.  There are stories of continued repentance as well as laments and cries for forgiveness again and again.  

Resolve is hard work, and it is not done only once.  
It goes on with us into every new experience.

The continuum we live on is ever-changing.  What is present right now will soon be the past, and yesterday it was the unknown future.  Hindsight is always perfect and we can only learn from what we have gone through before.  Taking assessment of what you are living in or with right now, answer the next three questions:

Have you collected, acknowledged and owned each experience in your life?

Have you handed them over to the only person who can handle them; our Lord?

Have you began to take that Holy magic eraser to the baseboards of your heart and prepare for a renovation?  

If you can answer these three questions with a yes, you are wholly ready to resolve, make new goals, chase your dreams and open your heart! 

If you hung on any of them, you can lie and try to move forward, but you will naturally come back to them.  It can only hurt yourself to try to move too quickly through the process.

I have been stuck on number 2 since the 5th time I asked Jesus into my heart.  

Yes, the 5th..

That right there, the gripping and holding and refusing to release the pain, that is characteristic of someone not ready to grow.  Now, I am certainly willing, and my goodness do I beg for it, but I cannot move with all of my baggage.  

Just because I have owned it doesn’t mean it must stay in my possession.  
There is more for my heart to hold and only God can give it to me...when there is room.

If you need a push to get through these tasks, write this verse on your Resolve card, right under those questions:

“And we know that in all things God works 
for the good of those who love him, 
who have been called according to his purpose.”  
Romans 8:28

There is no greater love than the love He is waiting to lavish on you
once you've given Him your pains and let Him renew your heart


You will be confident, 
full of joy, 
and will stand as a whole and happy, 
righteous daughter of the King. 

Then you'll be ready to fully resolve and move forward.

The work will be heavy, but worth it.  

Let’s do this, Ladies.  

Print the attached image below and use it to collect your verses.  Keep it close at all times, reminding you to resolve the issues in your heart and mind now that you have given them up to God.  Though a fully renewed mind may not be yours just yet, the act of letting go of the problems left from sin is one way to dissolve negative mindsets.  Know that you deserve closure and it's a closure that God specializes in!  Know that you deserve peace of mind and the power to decide your feelings from now on, in Jesus' name.

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