bathroom to steamroom

'tis the season to shiver, sniffle, sneeze and steam!

Eli woke up today with a dry throat and bit of a sluggish energy
So I bundled him up, whipped up a delicious blend of oils and blasted the hot shower

within minutes we were steaming and sweating

my respiratory clarity mix:

my method:
let the tub fill with about an inch or two of water
add about 15-20 drops of the blend
run the shower to get the steam going

almost immediately the room will fill 
with a cooling and cleansing vapor 
shut off the shower; breath and stretch.

kick the shower back on as needed to regenerate the steam

Eli wanted to play so I let him take a "bird bath" in the sink

he coughed a bit and we practiced taking deep breaths
we stayed in there for about 10 minutes

 when we finished, I wrapped him in a big blanket 
and made banana flax pancakes while he watched Harry Potter
great start for the chilly morning~

If you find yourself a bit under the weather this week,
or just looking to take your in-home facial or spa session to a new level,
pour a hot cup of detox tea, bundle up and steam yourself well :)

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