dduk ~ Korean Rice Cake

If you haven't heard of dduk, 
I'm the wrong person to properly explain it to you.

It's basically a very traditional food in Korea
used to celebrate everything from 
birthdays and weddings
to new community members and businesses
It is made using a very tedious process
and when you finally "get it" you are very proud!  

I have only made a couple of successful cakes

The first was for my Mother-in-Law
a basic and dainty rice cake

and today was the second.. for me 
Pink Ombre Dduk

I've been drooling over all things ombre lately
and when my craving hit for 
some of this gooey sticky sweetness
I knew I had to fade that ish to the max

It started with a few dishes of spiked sugar

And ended with the pretty in pink result I was hoping for

There are a few things I will perfect as I make more

For starters, the cracks in the surface
This happens as you remove it from the steamer

And I'd prefer to have nice straight edges.  
I need to use a form pan, but my steamer isn't large enough

One thing I kind of nailed was the nice flat top :)

I just need to remember to use a serrated knife
when I cut it while it's hot.. I butchered the first slice

But not this one :)

hello lover..

as gorgeous as the slices are
I just eat it like this

 and so does Eli...

The sweet, sticky, gooey taste of success :)

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