State of my Spirit

Loving Father,

Today I thank you for every blessing in my life. Whether I know it or not, and whether it's pleasant or painful, Your hand is always working to build me up.

My family and my friends, those special ones that know me better than I know myself; they are gifts from You.

You are chivalrous; you do not always impose, but you are always there when I call.

You gave me a creative and intuitive mind. I never tire from seeking, learning and trying.

Thank you for my urge to serve and for my desire to grow for my family.
Thank you for my heart to help others learn from my mistakes.

Thank you, Lord, for the reminders of the pit that you brought me up out of.
No judgments can stick and no words can hurt me, anymore.

No wrongs are remembered by You. Your love and acceptance is greater than anything humanity can offer.

I even appreciate those who hate and despise me because, they are the ones that teach me to live like You. They are thorns that keep me leaning on You. Because of them, I learn how to love the unlovable.

Thank you for challenging me, stretching me, saving me and speaking through me.

Thank you for my son, who motivates me to live each day with excitement and wonder.

Thank you for my husband, who works his part in keeping me on the path going forward and helping me to have courage and faith.

Most of all, thank you for loving me so much, with a covenant so strong, that not a single human on the earth can impede your plans for me.

It's in Your name I pray, as you're the only one to whom I owe anything at all~


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